I’ve quit my job and booked a flight to Costa Rica. In a couple of weeks my comfy little life as I know it will be upturned, but the uncertainty of what’s ahead is (for the most part) exhilarating!

I have questioned myself a few times – am I really sacking it all off to fly 11 hours away on my larry? But 2017 has been an itch I can’t quite scratch. It’s been so good, and so bad. A lot has happened, changed but also stayed the same this year, and with this my perspective has shifted. Plodding along stopped being an option, and since I’ve always said I want to do a proper “gap yah”, it became obvious that the time was now.

Corcovado National Park, via costarica.org

I chose Costa Rica within the hour. As the most indecisive person on earth it was a first to make such a swift decision, but something drew me to this country instantly. Of the little knowledge that I had, in my mind Costa Rica equaled nature. Your idyllic, white-sand beaches are nice and all, but what I really wanted was wildlife and greenery. Since doing more research, I’ve found out that Costa Rica really is the epitome of these 2 things in particular: nearly a quarter of the country is protected jungle and it’s inhabited by more than half a million species. Woah mama.

Inspired by a successful trip through Workaway last year, I logged on again to see what opportunities I could find in Costa Rica. Here I found Dreamsea, who were looking for a social media co-ordinator. I applied there and then – who wouldn’t want to create content at a surfing and yoga retreat in the jungle? After going back and forth via email they offered me the position, and it felt like everything had fallen into place. I booked my flight back in July and haven’t looked back since.

Accommodation at Dreamsea, via dreamseacostarica.com

Apart from knowing that I’ll be at Dreamsea to begin with, I really have no idea where the next few months will take me – both physically and mentally. I want to shake things up to see where the dust resettles. While it’s played on my mind that I’m leaving some good things at home, I’ve learnt to relax and just trust the way of the world.