29 Aug 2013


Nike Satire Trainers
Cross-back bra - American Apparel 

I met my gorgeous cousin Emily on Oxford Street today, and after a catch up that turned a littttle boozy, we went shopping. I've been pining for Nike SB Janoski's since birth but haven't ever been able to find them in a small enough size, so I snapped up these lookalikes in Office straight away. Also bought this triangle bra. Perfect day!

Reunions with my cousin call for wine.


Mesmerize said...

love your Nike trainers:)
please visit me in free time:)

Amelia Blake said...

Those trainers are cool :)

Following you!

Meghan B said...

I love the trainers :)
Meg xx (new follower)

Onyeka Uddoh said...

Time for me to pay a visit to American Apparel haha, love it!

Manon Margaretha said...

I love those shoes!
Your blog is lovely!

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