4 Sep 2013


My room is currently a bomb site of fancy dress and boots as I embark on the mission that is packing for Bestival (yayyyyy!) The coolest all in one mermaid tail was my initial choice for a costume, but sadly none of my friends agreed to tow me along in a dingy. I'm looking online for inspiration and an alternative option at the moment - see below.


Poptartsandsex said...

Just found your blog and it's so cute! I really love it! I've had a good read of a few posts and I honestly can't wait to read some more! New follower over here xx
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AllMyHugsAndKisses said...

I really enjoyed scrolling through this post and look forward to more xoxo

Manon Margaretha said...

These costumes are amazing!
Your blog is lovely!

Amelia Blake said...

Those costumes are amazing, the first two are my favourite!

Love your blog, following now!

Amelia x

Greta said...

I would kill to go to Bestival! Great inspa.

Greta xoxo

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