11 Oct 2013


Coat - ZARA
Joggers with leather look trim - F&F
Nike trainers
Palm leaf bodycon dress (worn as a top) - Motel

Nottingham's got absolutely fureeezing so I finally get to wear this coat I bought back in the summer. I went with my friend to get his tattoo drawn up today and we walked through this graveyard - obviously I snapped up the photo op.


Ceyda N. said...

Your coat looks cozy and cute!
Did you get a tattoo or your friend?

Love, Ceyda xx

Rosie Haigh said...

I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my latest blog post and follow the instructions xxx :)

Sacha Birch said...

I have that coat and no word of a lie it looks sooo huge on me haha! hope you're enjoying nottingham! xx

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