Image c/o Fat Buddha Yoga

"Getting high before work isn't the usual protocol, but here I am..." 

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Getting high before work isn't the usual protocol but here I am, in downward dog, 17 floors up. It's 8am on a Wednesday and Fat Buddha Yoga's rooftop class is well underway. 

With fast-paced sun salutations and a beat to match, the Morning Flow session quickly banishes any bleary eyes in the house. We stretch and flex our way through the next 45 minutes, invigorated by the nippy outdoors and city views. Arched over in a way I'd rarely find myself at this hour feels unexpectedly great. 

The White Collar Factory's terrace makes for an impressive location: I stare into the distance for balance and St Paul's stares back. With the Shard in my periphery and London's iconic skyline beyond, I feel centred in the city’s centre, unrushed in rush hour.

As the class comes to an end we take a moment to lay down, palms up. Shoreditch sounds uncharacteristically tranquil below and it's easy to relax, contemplating the day ahead. I welcome the stillness, often rare when you're busy living your best life.  

Old Street station is very literally a hop, skip and jump away, and after grabbing a complimentary cappuccino on the way out I bounce onto the tube, marvelling at all this convenience. I arrive at work feeling spritely and zen.

Scientists say it takes 3 weeks to make or break a habit. Having reaped the benefits of early morning yoga I vow to conquer my daily desire to stay in bed for as long as possible. With a bundle of bookings made, I'm confident about breaking my morning mould to become a bendier, more productive me.