31 Aug 2018


If you've ever wondered where to go vintage shopping in Alicante, I'm here to tell you.

While Spain probably isn't a first-choice shopping destination, shedloads of us head there to summer vacay. Sometimes a break from the beach can feel necessary, unless you're a solid sun-worshipper like my sister Claire who lays for hours in reclining bound angle pose - please Google it.

Anyway, back in June after several days of frolicking in the sand myself, I hop on the tram from our spot by the sea and venture into Alicante City. Wherever I am in the world I like to sniff out the second-hand clothes shops, thrift stores and flea markets. Rummaging through all the crud to find a €3 gem can feel more rewarding than my degree. Thrifting is my jam.

With a short but promising list of vintage shops to find we go on our way (I manage to prise Claire away from her offensive sunbathing situation.) All but one store seems to have closed down. Fricking recession.

Elefante Vintage, Alicante

Elefante Vintage is somewhat inconspicuous, on a random corner in a rundown residential area. After trawling the streets for an hour with little success it's our last stop, and instantly worth it. Inside is a cave of colour and chaos. Rows upon rows UPON ROWS of genuine vintage is crammed into this little shop, with clothes, shoes and accessories literally hanging off the walls to utilise the space.

I find a maroon leather dress, several designer shirts (Armani, Hilfiger, Versace) and a silk Victoria's Secret robe straight from the 80s. Everything is in mint condition and doesn't smell of mothballs. There's more Ralph Lauren than at a Marbs pool party and the impressive selection of menswear is possibly better than the women's, which is excellent if like me, you enjoy dressing as a boy.

On the way out I spend 10 inevitable minutes poring over a glass case of sunglasses at the till. We meander back towards the city centre and have dinner in a plaza. Sitting back with a glass of Rioja (all very Spanish) I feel pleased with my new garments that, for once, don't cost a small fortune. Alicante is definitely not the best place to go thrifting, but if you are there and fancy it, Elefante Vintage is the one - and only.

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